Top 10 Free Tools for Creating Awesome Websites

May 7th, 2016
Website builders

You can create awesome websites with free tools.

Top 10 Free Tools for Creating Awesome Websites

When it comes to website creation, having a splendid idea is not only important, beauty and ease of usage is equally important. There are a number of easy, effective, and affordable tools which are at your disposal to enable you create a website in a matter of minutes.

They may not require that you have an in-depth knowledge of coding skills, web development or any other special skills. Most WYSIWYG web development tools have user friendly editors, with your ability to drag and drop being the only skill needed, and no programming whatsoever required. (In computing, WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get”.

Most of these web builders also offer added advantages like different designs of web templates, a number of web apps and plugins, as well as SEO friendliness.

Below in no special order are ten of the most accessible free tools for creating awesome websites:

1. Wix: This by far is the most popular web building tool on the internet. It has specialties in creating search engine friendly HTML5 websites, easy to use, as well as advanced drag and drop features. It has in its collection a large variety of web templates from a vast category to choose from.

With Wix, you can create any type of website, ranging from business sites, personal, and web portfolios. Another unique quality is that it offers free hosting of your free wix website limited to 500GB storage space, and 1GB bandwidth, Google analytics, quality support and brand ads on every pages.

2. Website Builder: Also providing the ability to build professional websites for free, the advantage of Website Builder is that it has a large collection of web designs and templates covering many popular categories, an easy to use drag and drop editor requiring no special skill in HTML or CSS, and even a free sub-domain name for your free website in addition to a banner and footer.

3. IM creator: This tool spots an intuitive drag and drop feature, free domain names of second level with 50MB storage space, and a regularly updated collection of responsive web templates.

4. Sitebuilder: This allows you to create stunning free websites; it has an impressive collection of professionally designed web templates in many popular categories, free domain name and a sub-domain, opportunity to create more than one website for free, a very easy to use drag and drop editor, as well as a number of other options all for free, only with a promotional banner in the footer.

5. Sitey: This tool is quite new, but is a very powerful website builder if you want a professional look. In addition, It offers a 50MB storage capacity, 5MB file upload space and 1GB of bandwidth in addition to a mobile version of your free website, access to more than 100 professional templates and image gallery, easy to integrate social media links for free. As with many other free website builders, it leaves a small advert on your site too.

6. Moonfruit: This is also an easy to use website builder with a lot of free templates. It provides a free site builder with a second level free domain and a maximum of 15 webpages, 20MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth, no customer support or moonfruits ads, however, it automatically creates a mobile optimised version of your free website, even with the ability to push your entire content into Facebook with just a few clicks.

7. Webnode: This offers free versions of personal websites, and even online stores, but it has limitations such as 1GB bandwidth and 10MB storage capacity for online stores and 100MB for personal websites. The number of products you can offer in your free website is also limited to 10, but it has mobile optimisation.

8. Yola: This web creation tool offers services that are quite interesting; 5 websites instead of the standard 1 others like it offer. It also offers a banner-free hosting, customer support, built-in statistics, 1GB storage capacity per site, as well as many other interesting features without pop-up ads and banners.

9. Ezweb123: This tool provides different site building packages. If you opt for the free package, you will be given one free website with as much as 15 pages on a second-level domain, 20MB of storage space, 1GB month bandwidth. But the free website goes with ads from the parent site.

10. Edicy: This is one tool for creating websites if you want a personal website without a unique domain name, or a lot of storage space. It offers a lifetime website with the usual limitations of 100MB storage space, standard web design stats, responsive mobile optimized webpages, completely customizable but with only two users, and the ability to run your site in a number of preferred languages.

We have shown you free tools you can lay your hands on right now to create awesome websites. With features that make website design so easy, you no longer have any excuse not to have you own website – you are not spending anything! So, check them out as quickly as you can and make the best use of them.

Do you have any experience in using any of the above tools or others? Do share with us in the comment box below.